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Outside Capable Series

Mirror Image is the industry leader in outdoor teleprompting. With the brightest LED backlight monitors available and our LIGHT-TIGHT hood design keeping ambient light off both monitor and mirror. Side shields are standard on all Camera Prompters. Speech prompters have also gone outdoors with Mirror Image. Super bright daylight LCD monitors and 3 types of beam splitter mirrors (included) make this the best and only option for outdoor Speech (Podium) prompting.
demo image LC-160HB - $5,495.00
High Bright - SVGA/Composite Inputs
demo image SP-160 HB - $9,495.00 Composite/SVGA Inputs
demo image LC-1550HB - $2,995.00
High Bright - SVGA/Composite Inputs
demo image SP-220 HB - $11,495.00 Composite/SVGA Inputs demo image Robotic Speech Mirror Poles - $2995.00
SP Series Setup Instructions - (pdf)  


Specifications LC-160HB SP-160HB SP-220-HB
Viewable Size 15 in. 15 in 19 in.
Brightness 200 -1800 NTS 200-1800 NTS 200-1800 NTS
Signal Inputs VGA/SVGA/
Composite video NTSC/PAL
Composite video NTSC/PAL
Video Input Impedance 1 VP-P (Composite) 75 Ohm 1V P-P Composite
75 Ohm
1V P-P Composite
Input Voltage 100-240V 100 to 240V auto
50-60 HZ 0.8 Amp max
or 12 VDC
100-240 VAC 50/60 HZ
Resolution 640x480 to 1280x1024 640x480 to 1280x1024 640 x 480
1920 x 1080
Power Consumption 12 - 65 W 55 W 60 W
Input Connector BNC loop though and 15-Pin
BNC and 15-pin
D-type / 4-pin
BNC and 15-pin
PC/ S-Video
Special Controls Variable Brightness / Scan Reverse Scan Reverse
BNC Loop
Variable brightness/ Image reverse