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SP-160 HB - $9,495.00

Composite/SVGA Inputs

Mirror Image leads the industry with the introduction of Outdoor Podium Prompters. Includes 2- true "silver" mirrors, 2- "smoked" mirrors and 2 traditional beamsplitter mirrors for indoor use. The system's heart is 2-15 inch SVGA or Composite monitors with built-in Image Reversing features. Super bright and visible even on the brightest of days. Adjustable from 400 to 1800 nts. Powered by 110/220 volts AC or 12 volts DC. Mirror size: 12.75" x 10". The SP-160HB includes new adjustable glass holders for ease of operation.

These monitors can reverse the image left to right from within.

SP Series Setup Instructions - (pdf)

Specifications LC-160HB SP-160HB SP-220-HB
Viewable Size 15 in. 15 in 19 in.
Brightness 200 -1800 NTS 200-1800 NTS 200-1800 NTS
Signal Inputs VGA/SVGA/
Composite video NTSC/PAL
Composite video NTSC/PAL
Video Input Impedance 1 VP-P (Composite) 75 Ohm 1V P-P Composite
75 Ohm
1V P-P Composite
Input Voltage 100-240V 100 to 240V auto
50-60 HZ 0.8 Amp max
or 12 VDC
100-240 VAC 50/60 HZ
Resolution 640x480 to 1280x1024 640x480 to 1280x1024 640 x 480
1920 x 1080
Power Consumption 12 - 65 W 55 W 60 W
Input Connector BNC loop though and 15-Pin
BNC and 15-pin
D-type / 4-pin
BNC and 15-pin
PC/ S-Video
Special Controls Variable Brightness / Scan Reverse Scan Reverse
BNC Loop
Variable brightness/ Image reverse