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Price Buster - For almost 25 years, Mirror Image has been the leader in quality, Low-Cost prompting solutions, and The PB Series proves it! The all steel (No Plastic Here!) camera prompter features an adjustable camera mount that never requres a counter weight and will balance with any size camera. All glass Beam Splitter mirror with anti-reflection back coating is included with easily removable mirror/hood. The PB Series is perfect for schools and any orgaznization or company on a tight budget!

Signature HDMI Series - Introducing Mirror Image’s newest Prompting series to celebrate our upcoming 30th Anniversary…..the Signature Series. These prompters utilize super crisp graphics with new HDMI inputs along with built-in electronic reverse or “Mirroring” of the text to make these new prompters industry leaders. The Signature Series features HDMI, SVGA and Composite inputs. Powered by 110/220 volt AC or 12-volt DC, you can use these systems anywhere in the world.

Pan/Tilt Series - A Camera prompter specifially designed for new and popular all in one robotic pan and tilt cameras manufactured by Sony, Panasonic and others. HD-wide angle glass Beam Splitter mirror allows for maximum camera movement. Special Nylon and metal enclosure keep ambient light off mirror and allow for pan / tilt funciton. Already in use by top U.S. manufacturers like Ford Motor Company and others. (Panning and tilting is limited to angles inside hood / mirror assembly.)

LC HDMI Series - This series of Teleprompters is the newest line from Mirror Image. With the tech advancement in the industry in recent years, laptop computers have begun to offer HDMI connections with some computers even doing away with VGA connections. The 3 camera prompters offered here will accept VGA as well as HDMI and come in very portable 10 & 15 inch screens..

LC Starter Series - Designed by Mirror Image for the very tight budget. Features large trapazoid mirror, adjustable-mount arms and includes software and controller.

LC Pro Series - LC Pro Series- The LC Series introduces our fastest selling and growing line of LCD-based teleprompters. All LC Pro Series feature a broadcast quality, all metal LCD panel with built in electronic screen mirroring. Also includes a fold down trapazoidal mirror and side shields.

Outside Series - Mirror Image is the industry leader in outdoor teleprompting. With the brightest LED backlight monitors available and our LIGHT-TIGHT hood design keeping ambient light off both monitor and mirror. Side shields are standard on all Camera Prompters. Speech prompters have also gone outdoors with Mirror Image. Super bright daylight LCD monitors and 3 types of beam splitter mirrors (included) make this the best and only option for outdoor Speech (Podium) prompting.

FS Series
- Free standing camera prompters are the ideal solution for the tight budget. No need to purchase a heaver duty tripod. Just slide your existing camera / tripod configuration behind and into the fabric hood and start prompting. Panning left to right or tilting up and down is limited to 10 to 15 degrees.

SF Series - Our studio prompter series features a large trapezoidal shaped hood with a beam splitter mirror approximately 21" x 16". The SF Series is designed for ENG/EFP cameras in a studio environment. Today only lightweight LCD monitors are used for ease of set-up and shipping. Custom mounts are available. Call for Details.

SP Series - Give your speaker the ultimate advantage at the podium. Speech prompters are the fastest growing trend in business today. These units can improve the quality of your presentations with a true professional look. Today only lightweight LCD monitors are used for ease of set-up and shipping. All Mirror Image systems contain 2 monitors, housings, poles and mirrors.

IPad Tablet Series - Another reason to own an iPad...you can use it as a teleprompter!

Direct View Series - Direct View teleprompters are designed to be used when prompting with a Lite-Ring and Chroma Key background. Due to the glare caused by the lite-ring when mounted with a standard teleprompter, we have designed this below the lens, direct view prompter.

Talent Monitor Series - Talent monitors are quickly becoming popular in television stations as the transition to HD moves forward. The HD monitors are designed to be mounted with our SF Studio Series teleprompters.