On the Fly Prompting

Posted by Brad Spinsby on Jan 15, 2014
On-the-Fly Prompting with Mirror Image’s iPad IP10 Teleprompter
The hot lights, the lens’s unblinking eye, a crew of people awaiting your performance; delivering a message into the camera stresses even the most prepared presenter. A teleprompter ameliorates this, but typically requires an additional person and expense. One of the industry leaders, Mirror Image Teleprompters, created an alternative to the standard full prompter set up with their IP-10 iPad Teleprompter. The Mirror Image IP-10 iPad teleprompter kit functions in conjunction with your iPad for both a through-the-lens or beside the camera option. The IP-10 rig comes with an adjustable tripod and camera mount for its large 12” – 13” 60/40 beamsplitter mirror. With the iPad as part of the rig, the IP-10 still weighs less than 12 pounds and needs no counterbalancing, which makes it light, portable, and an easy on-the-fly solution.

With the rise of tablet devices, there has been an influx of cheap teleprompter devices. On the flip side, for most talking head shoots the optimal solution is to provide a teleprompter and operator. The Mirror IP-10 iPad Teleprompter finds that sweet spot between the two with an inexpensive teleprompter built with quality from a company who lives for teleprompting. The IP-10 has a light tight design for a through-the-lens option and touts a 12’ reading distance. It works with teleprompter applications that can be downloaded on iTunes, and many of these applications are basic and don’t necessarily need an experienced operator. Whether you’re working with a tight budget, or the talent grossly overcompensates for their oratory skills, the Mirror Image IP-10 iPad Teleprompter provides a solution that benefits both the crew and the talent.

Have you used the Mirror Image iPad IP10 Teleprompter, or do you have a similar set-up that you prefer? Please share with us your feedback.

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